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What It Means

Faucet Friendly.
Faucets Banned.
Try Short Link.
Sign Up.
 Star Rating for the shortener.
  Indicates current number of "Proof of Payment".(Max 5)
Add Proof of Payment.

Clickable Elements

 Show Payout Rates in Modal.
 Try Short Link, it leads back to this page.
 Create a new account with Url Shortener.
 Click on a star to submit your rating of the URL Shortener.
Upload Proof of Payment as jpg, png or jpeg.
, etc. Click to view a larger set of payment options.
  Click to view available "proof of payment" in modal.

Elements with Hover/Focus

, etc. Hover to view min payout.

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Some Tips...

If you have the option to decide what shortener to use and in what order: For low to medium traffic I'd start with a "unique view" shortener offering really high CPM. After that I'd start stacking shorteners counting multiple views. And to finish it all off, place a shortner counting all as the last one. For sites with heavy traffic or sites unable to use multiple shorteners, you have to look at the traffic before making any suggestions.

URL Shorteners (in no particular order).

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