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Breaking News!!!

You need to give this new shortener a try! It's brand new and unverified but the high CPM totally makes it worth the gamble.

Tips on best use

I would suggest starting with the short2win/clicksfly pair, internal order is less relevant. That takes care of 6 views... I would then use tokenfly to take care of the rest. If you need more views I'd just tack on a final 4th shortener that counts all and then call it a day. Either one of the ones listed below should work, but I think has a slight edge at the moment with a little higher CPM. But CPM can change with very short notice, so pick one that inspires confidence in you. If you have massive amounts of traffic, there are ways to modify the recipy, but this would be overkill for most sites.

URL Shorteners (in no particular order).

Legit, verified either by myself or proof of payment readily available.
New, untested or not enough data to verify
Scam, Broken, or discontinued